• Hi! I'm Anita Bean

    a registered nutritionist (RNutr sport & exercise) accredited by the Association for Nutrition (AfN). I am also a best-selling author and health writer, specialising in sports nutrition.
  • Hi! I'm Anita Bean

    a registered nutritionist (RNutr Sport & exercise) and author of more than 20 books on sport & exercise nutrition.
  • Hi! I'm Anita Bean

    a registered nutritionist (RNutr Sport & exercise) and former British bodybuilding champion
  • Hi! I'm Anita Bean

    a registered nutritionist (RNutr Sport & exercise), health writer and nutritionist for Good Housekeeping

Latest Book Release

Food For Fitness (4th edition, 2014)

An evidence-based sports nutrition guide and recipe book rolled into one, Food for Fitness dispels popular myths and gives you the tools you need to reach your maximum performance. Food for Fitness is the ultimate resource for anyone who is … Continue reading

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AfN_Logo_NEWI am a registered nutritionist (RNutr Sports & Exercise) accredited by the Association for Nutrition (AfN) and founder of Bean Nutrition Ltd. I have worked in both the private and public sectors before setting up my nutrition consultancy in 1990. During this time I have worked in the fitness sector, the media, the publishing industry, public relations and the food industry as well providing nutrition advice for hundreds of individuals.

As an author and health writer, I have written 26 books, including The Complete Guide to Sports Nutrition and, over the years, contributed articles to numerous print and digital media. My aim, through my books and articles, is to teach people about food and nutrition in a realistic, practical, interesting way.

I am a strong advocate of science-based advice and am sceptical of anything bearing unsubstantiated claims. I do not sell any nutritional product or supplement. As a former British bodybuilding champion, I have a passion for fitness and believe that physical activity should be integral in everyone’s lives no matter how old they are.

‘Anita is brilliant at making nutrition stories fascinating reading Well researched, well written advice delivered on time every month for her regular Good Housekeeping column.’ – Julie Powell, Health Director, Good Housekeeping magazine ‘Our bestselling and much loved author – Anita is cherished and respected by the fitness community for her clear, user-friendly books which are must-reads for all sport and fitness professionals.’ – Charlotte Croft, Head of Sport and Fitness Books, Bloomsbury Publishing. Anita’s combination of up to date thinking and common sense approach to nutrition has resulted in an improvement to our swimmers’ performance in training and competition. Her book, Nutrition for Young Athletes, is proving an invaluable resource’ – Lee Spindlow, Lead Coach, National Age Group, Guildford City Swimming Club