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Food For Fitness (4th edition, 2014)

Food For Fitness 4th edn

An evidence-based sports nutrition guide and recipe book rolled into one, Food for Fitness dispels popular myths and gives you the tools you need to reach your maximum performance. Food for Fitness is the ultimate resource for anyone who is … Continue reading

Sod It! Eat Well: Healthy Eating in your 60s, 70s and beyond (2016)

Sod It Eat Well cover image

Knowing what we should or shouldn’t be eating these days can feel like a bit of a minefield. Are eggs good for me? How many of them a week am I allowed? Is butter good, or should I be buying … Continue reading

The Complete Guide to Strength Training 5th ed (2015)

CG Strength Training 5th edn

The Complete Guide to Strength Training by Anita Bean is the ultimate resource for anyone wanting to increase strength and re-sculpt their body. Featuring proven training programmes and evidence-based nutritional guidance it delivers comprehensive workouts for beginners, intermediates and elite athletes. … Continue reading

Sports Supplements – Which nutritional supplements really work? 2nd edition (2015)

Sports Supplements 2nd ed

A handy A-Z guide to the most popular sports supplements. More and more of us are looking to sports supplements to gain a competitive advantage and to aid recovery – but do they really work?  Media reports and manufacturer claims … Continue reading

The Complete Guide to Sports Nutrition, 7th edition (2013)

The Complete Guide to Sports Nutrition

The Complete Guide to Sports Nutrition (7th edition) is the definitive practical handbook for anyone wanting a performance advantage. This fully updated and revised edition incorporates the latest cutting-edge research and provides the latest research and information to help you succeed. Continue reading

Sports Nutrition for Young Athletes (2010)


Young athletes, parents, coaches and PE teachers want to know how good nutrition can help young sportsmen and women fulfill their potential. As the government focuses on healthy eating for children, this is becoming even more important with the growing … Continue reading

Sports Nutrition For Women (2010)


Women who exercise not only need general nutritional advice but they also have specific nutritional requirements that may affect their performance. Female athletes often eat differently from male athletes in ways that may prevent them from achieving their full athletic … Continue reading

Kids’ Food For Fitness (2002)


Essential reading for all parents and coaches of active children. Whether they’re playing in the park or training for sport, your child’s performance, growth and development depends on eating the right foods. This easy-to-use book gives you: The latest nutritional … Continue reading

Slim Secrets – How to Eat as Much as You Like and Still Lose Weight (2008)


Discover the secrets to long-term weight loss. Are you fed up with diets that don’t work in the long term? Do you long to know the secret formula for weight loss, and also what makes slim people stay slim? Anita … Continue reading

Healthy Eating for Kids, 2nd edition (2007)

healthy eating for kids

This second edition of the bestselling Healthy Eating for Kids is packed with essential up to date advice on healthy eating, feeding fussy eaters, dealing with an overweight child, and plenty of tips for no-hassle meals, quick snacks and lunch … Continue reading

Fitness on a plate – Anita Bean’s guide to healthy eating (2003)


Fitness on a plate is the must-have guide to nutrition and healthy eating for anyone leading an active life. From the keen athlete to the casual gym-goer, Anita Bean gives clear, easy to follow advice on how to achieve a balanced … Continue reading

Ian Wright’s Fitter Families (2009)


At a time when UK kids’ health is increasingly under the spotlight, Ian Wright’s Fitter Families offers straightforward, accessible advice to parents. Designed for the mum or dad who wants to improve their family’s health, this book shows how: time … Continue reading

Lorraine Kelly’s Nutrition Made Easy (2009)


What are antioxidants, why do I need them and how do I get them? Diet or exercise – which is more effective for losing weight? How can I persuade my fussy children to eat vegetables? What can I eat to … Continue reading

Lorraine Kelly’s Baby & Toddler Eating Plan (2004)

baby and toddler eating plan

‘Presenter Lorraine Kelly, and leading nutritional expert Anita Bean have written an accessible parent’s guide to nutritious and appealing meals for babies and toddlers. They offer over 100 baby-friendly recipes plus creative and practical ideas, tips and hints. From my … Continue reading